"Delivery on point - without downtime."
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Logistics for importers
"A local partner is important for me".
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Shipping logistics for regional producers
"Passion for products seeks passion for logistics"
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Logistics for online stores
"Reliability creates trust for me"
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Disposal logistics for the industry

We are Mönig. Your logistics specialist from the Sauerland.

It started with the transport of milk and wood leftovers. In the morning milk cans were driven to the dairy and in the afternoon wood residues to chipboard plant. These were the first jobs of Mönig.

Since then, the logistician has steadily developed his know-how and possibilities. Always in close connection to its customers and their requirements. A strong economy needs a strong logistics partner. One who makes everything possible and who supports the client’s business in the best possible way.

Our business is to provide logistics solutions that are tailored to our customers’ needs – not the other way around.

Know-how meets know-how

Equipment manufacturing overseas, sales in Europe. In between is logistics. Ideally, one-stop logistics.

Shopped online, delivered quickly

Anyone who runs an online store must focus on their business: Products that meet the need, good selection, reliable manufacturers and customer-friendly processing.
online geshoppt fix geliefert
kurze wege im sauerland

Short distances in the Sauerland

Regional producers appreciate the proximity to their logistics provider. And they benefit when this travels worldwide.

In rough quantities

If production residues made of wood or metal have to be disposed of, reliable logistics are essential. One that can also handle rough quantities of loose bulk material.
in rauen mengen

What is your requirement for the possible maker?
Challenge us.

Your contact

bernd moenig 300x300 1

Bernd Mönig

Managing director / owner
+49 (0) 291 / 95 27 53 – 0
carsten moenig 300x300 1

Carsten Mönig

Managing director / owner
+49 (0) 291 / 95 27 53 – 0
alexander schulz 300x300 1

Alexander Schulz

Managing director forwarding
+49 (0) 291 / 95 27 53 – 12
stefan schoettler 300x300 1

Stefan Schöttler

Managing Director Logistics
+49 (0) 291 / 95 27 53 – 13
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Florian Reichel

Managing Director Gotha
+49-3621-738 420

Our locations

We are available to our customers at our company headquarters in Meschede and at our locations in Bremen, Denkendorf and Gotha.

Address data for Meschede

Mönig Spedition GmbH & Co. KG

Auf’m Brinke 1
59872 Meschede

Mönig Logistik GmbH

Auf’m Brinke 1
59872 Meschede

Mönig Logistik GmbH

Am Steinbach 9 (Stock)
59872 Meschede

Mönig Gotha GmbH

Mühlhäuser Straße 9
99867 Gotha

Mönig Logistik GmbH

Heerweg 19
73770 Denkendorf

Mönig Spedition GmbH & Co. KG

Haferwende 10a
28357 Bremen





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