Long goods

Long cargo handling

Unloading, transporting, storing - long goods need specialists

There are no limits to global trade – not even to the dimensions of goods transported by sea freight. Everything that fits into overseas containers is loaded and shipped.

Critical mass

So it’s good to have specialists who handle everything properly: Long goods can be up to five meters long, per piece. When the containers loaded with them reach the logistics provider’s warehouse, special unloading technology is required. So that everything arrives as it was loaded. This is the day-to-day business of the maker: unloading, transporting, storing.

Everything that fits into overseas containers is loaded and shipped.

The principle of the enabler also applies to long goods

All services are from a single source – including import customs clearance and Germany-wide distribution to the specialist dealers supplied by the customer.

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Where the tax is stored

High-percentage products on the high shelf – the spirits tax warehouse. But not before everything is registered by means of EVD.

Long goods

Five meters long… doesn’t matter. Nor where in the world the long goods are loaded into containers and where they have to arrive.

In rough quantities

If production residues made of wood or metal have to be disposed of, reliable logistics are essential. One that can also handle rough quantities of loose bulk material.

Short distances in the Sauerland

Regional producers appreciate the proximity to their logistics provider. And they benefit when this travels worldwide.

Shopped online, delivered quickly

Anyone who runs an online store must focus on their business: Products that meet the need, good selection, reliable manufacturers and customer-friendly processing.

Know-how meets know-how

Equipment manufacturing overseas, sales in Europe. In between is logistics. Ideally, one-stop logistics.