Our services

Mönig offers the full range of logistics services – and a lot more besides.

The focus is on your individual requirements, which are always the basis for tailor-made solutions. Transport, storage, handling, picking, customs, container cleaning, filling service and overseas traffic. Here are some of our focal points. Not what you are looking for? Contact us! We can do a lot – and can imagine a lot more.

Customs clearance

Import clearance
Export clearance
Active refinement
Bonded warehouse
Control bearing

Excise warehouse

Spirits tax warehouse
Representative of a mail order company for spirits products
Beer tax warehouse

Special transport logistics

Volume transports
Empty container transport
Beverage transport
Bulk transport by roll-off container
Bulk transport by moving floor
Bulk transport by dump truck

Overseas traffic

Sea freight
Air freight
Customs clearance
Container unloading

Transport logistics

Partial loads
Full loads
Bulk transport
European transport
International traffic
Membership Transcoop09

Warehouse Logistics

Block storage & high bay storage
Bulk storage
Bonded warehouse
Liquor tax warehouse & beer tax warehouse
Energy tax warehouse
Container unloading
Pick & Pack
Assembly work
Special works
Preparation Amazon, Otto, etc.

Fulfillment online retail

Shipping processing for online stores
Returns management
Own sales company for B2C
Support Amazon account + FBA
JTL Partner
Interface adaptation

Filling service

C-Parts Management
Shelf filling with containers
Transport service
Construction and maintenance of shelving systems

In-House Logistics

Container unloading
Shipping processing
Packing work
Assembly work

Where the tax is stored

High-percentage products on the high shelf – the spirits tax warehouse. But not before everything is registered by means of EVD.

Long goods

Five meters long… doesn’t matter. Nor where in the world the long goods are loaded into containers and where they have to arrive.

In rough quantities

If production residues made of wood or metal have to be disposed of, reliable logistics are essential. One that can also handle rough quantities of loose bulk material.

Short distances in the Sauerland

Regional producers appreciate the proximity to their logistics provider. And they benefit when this travels worldwide.

Shopped online, delivered quickly

Anyone who runs an online store must focus on their business: Products that meet the need, good selection, reliable manufacturers and customer-friendly processing.

Know-how meets know-how

Equipment manufacturing overseas, sales in Europe. In between is logistics. Ideally, one-stop logistics.